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The Fertile Body Method: Online Training Programme

The Fertile Body Method training course for practitioners has grown in popularity over the past 7 years. In response to a number of requests for the training to be made available to therapists worldwide, Sjanie has developed a comprehensive online training programme.

Hypnosis for IVF Webinar - Learn the essentials

A video recording of the hour long webinar offered on 10th May 2012. Includes eBook, course notes, scripts and a 6 session IVF protocol.

The webinar covers all the essentials for working with people who are undergoing IVF treatment.

If you are interested in specialising in fertility, want to expand your current practice or get up to date with this cutting edge application of hypnosis, then this webinar will give you essential information needed to successfully work with people undergoing IVF.

The cost of the Webinar is £25.

How to run a Fertility Support Group - Webinar

A video recording of the 75min long webinar offered on 25th September 2012. Includes eBook.


Would you like to run Fertility Support Group?

This webinar will teach you what you need to know to set up a Support Group and run it successfully.

Fertility Support Groups will greatly benefit the men and woman who attend. Running a Support Group can benefit you too.

This unique webinar, developed by fertility expert Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer, is presented along with her guest Anya Sizer, support group leader at the London Women’s Clinic.

Hypnosis and Mind-Body Approaches to help woman prepare for IVF

As part of the 'Evidence Based Practice in Clinical Hypnotherapy' Conference 2013, Sjanie presented an 45 min lecture, followed by a demonstration with an IVF patient.

Purchase a recording now to learn how hypnosis and mind-body approaches can help woman to prepare for and cope with IVF (In-vitro fertilisation).


  • Course notes presenting evidence of how psychological and emotional preparation for IVF increases the chances of a successful outcome (pdf)
  • Video of lecture (45 minutes)
  • Video of Demonstration (45 minutes)
  • Slide presentation (pdf)

SPECIAL OFFER - SAVE 20% if you purchase before 18th January 2015

Enhance Fertility Naturally - Learn the essentials

Learn the essentials for working with fertility problems using hypnosis and mind-body approaches. 

More information about the webinar will be available soon.