Calm - Fertile Body Programme

hypnosis and mind-body medicine for fertility

Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer


The Calm – Fertile Body Programme includes 3 self hypnosis mp3's and an engaging workbook (pdf) that together will help you address the negative effect that your fertility problem has been having on how you think and feel. You will learn excellent skills for significantly reducing stress and positively affecting your emotional health so that you can become calm and feel at peace with yourself and your situation. 

The Calm programme will take you a few weeks to work through as I encourage you to go step by step through each chapter in the eBook and work deeply and repeatedly with the exercises so that you create lasting change.

The programme includes:

  • Calm: Fertile Body Programme eBook/workbook (21 page pdf)
  • Three self hypnosis practices:
    1. Introduction to 7:11 Breathing (3 mins) and 7:11 Breathing excercise (12 mins)
    2. Introduction to Worry (2 mins) and Interrupt Worry hypnosis session (8 mins)
    3. Let Go into Peace hypnosis session(12 mins)

This self-guided programme will leave you feeling calm and supported, creating a strong foundation for emotional well-being and enhanced fertility. 

Calm - Fertile Body Programme
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