Dublin - Fertility Support & Enhancement Network

The Fertility Support & Enhancement Network takes a holistic approach to fertility to include both the body and the mind. At the meetings we aim to reduce the impact of the negative emotions and learn some coping strategies. We also wish to enhance natural fertility by taking control of what you can in your fertility journey. If you want to feel differently about your fertility you need to change how you think about it.

St. Mochtas Parish Centre, Porterstown, Dublin 15, Ireland

Hertfordshire Fertility Support Group

The Hertfordshire Fertility Support Group offers a holistic approach to help and support you during your fertility difficulties.  Our monthly informal meetings aim to help you overcome emotional hurdles, reduce stress and learn coping strategies whilst restoring confidence to your physical and emotional well being. 

Yorkshire Fertility Support Group.

The Yorkshire Fertility Support Groups is an informal group run by Jay Kelly. It is a chance to meet with like-minded people going through similar journeys, who are also choosing to help themselves with holistic methods.

We share ways of coping with stress, anxieties or any other feelings that you are dealing with, or simply just a cuppa and natter with understanding sets of ears!

Edinburgh - Fertility Support Group

As so many of you know, when you are Trying to Conceive – be it natural conception, IVF or other medical treatments - you need a lot of tender loving care. Sometimes those closest to you are the hardest to ask for help, or the last to understand how you’re really feeling. Sometimes you need more support from people that really know what you’re going through.

Online Fertility Support Group

The aim of our free online Fertility Support Group is to provide a caring and supportive virtual environment to talk about and share experiences, issues and developments with each other.

South Africa - Fertility Journey Seminar

The Fertility Journey is a two day seminar for couples or individuals run throughout South Africa that supports you to be inspired and equipped for your fertility journey.

Berlin Fertility Support Group

The Berlin Fertility Support Group is an informal open group run by Pascale Chartrain, FBM Therapist and Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie. It is a chance to meet with like-minded people going through a similar journey. We share ways of coping with stress, anxieties or any other feelings that you are dealing with. We practice self-help-tools together.

The Bristol Fertility Support Group

Many couples have fertility problems; wanting children but having difficulty conceiving for no apparent reason. Here at the Bristol Fertility Support Group we will give you a place to meet people that are on a similar journey, help you discover your strengths and manage your emotions. 

Guernsey Fertility Support Group

Bringing together people experiencing the difficulties and heartache of fertility problems, in a relaxed and informal 

The Birmingham Fertility Support Group

Date: Monthly on a Tuesday from April 2016

Time:  6:30pam - 7:30pm

Venue:  Great Barr Social Club, Old Walsall Road, Birmingham, B42 1HY 

The Birmingham Fertility Support Group is an ideal environment for like-minded people to get together socially in a friendly and comfortable environment. There will be opportunities to discuss stress relieving techniques and information on different services will be available.  Everyone's fertility's journey is different with moments of ups and downs which cannot be changed but support at this time is invaluable.  Come and join this support group and give me the opportunity to help you realise that you are not by yourself.  

Infertility Support Group Swindon

The Support Group is held monthly on a Thursday evening in Swindon free of charge and open to anyone (couples or individuals) who are suffering infertility whatever stage they are on their journey. Phone Linda on 07708 961 073 or click here for more information.

I also have a Facebook support group which you can join here.